Adults only accommodation: the luxurious premises of Diamond Deluxe Hotel

Adults only accommodation in Kos


When we talk about luxurious accommodation on the island of Kos, the name that comes up is the Kos Diamond Deluxe Boutique Hotel. Opulence, glamour, exclusivity and privacy are the words that are used to describe it; and they actually do match the entire philosophy around which the Diamond Deluxe Hotel was created. Glamorous art, elegant ambiance, peaceful relaxation and VIP treatment comprise the intriguing blend that inspired this establishment. This is what we thrive for; this is what the Diamond Deluxe truly is.


Adults only accommodation in Kos

One key element makes the difference. The fact that the Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos is adult oriented, meaning that no guests under the age of sixteen are accepted, gives a new meaning to exclusive, relaxing and private vacations. You can enjoy tranquil moments free of distractions at all times, in every corner of the Diamond Deluxe, its pool and gardens as well as its private beach on the Lambi bay.

It is like a fairy tale took form and shape, only this fairytale was created by adults, for adults. It is a dreamy destination where you can rest assured that there will be peace, tranquility and calmness throughout the day, a palatial haven where you can escape from the bustle of everyday life and truly be free.

Complement your stay with the ultimate pampering of the luxurious Mazarin Health Center and Spa with the opulent, rejuvenating treatments designed for ultimate relaxation and balance between your body and mind. Indulge in the leisure and the extravagance and embrace our philosophy for total balance and wellbeing.

The Diamond Deluxe Hotel is the place where you can escape, where you can relax, where you can truly be yourself and rejoice at the same time as living in the most affluent and gratifying, almost hedonistic environment. This is the true meaning of adult-only accommodation, the essence of the 5 star adults only accommodation in Kos  in Lambi beach. For reservations go to: