Walking or cycling in the town of Kos: All the details by Diamond Deluxe Hotel.

Town of Kos


The town of Kos is easy to explore on foot or by bike, as its flat landscape makes it easily accessible. In fact, cycling is one of the most preferred means of getting around by the locals, and there are numerous bicycle rental agencies all across the town.

To begin your walk or ride, start from the main harbor and the castle of the Knights of Saint John, also known as the Neratzia castle. The iconic white building beside it is the Eparcheio, the Italian command center from the early 20th century, a true gem of the town of Kos. Directly behind it you can admire the perennial Platan of Hippocrates, a majestic tree under which, according to legend Hippocrates taught medicine and healed the sick. The square of the Platan is connected to the castle of Neratzia by a palm-clad medieval bridge, one of Kos’s most photographed spots.


town of kos

A little bit further, the Eleytherias square is the most central part of town, with lots of cafes, a favorite meeting point for locals and visitors alike. Here you find the municipal market, a building that seems to belong many decades past, where many shops offer traditional products of Kos such as the famous tomato or fig jarred spoon-sweets. You will easily find the square, as there is also a mosque with a tall minaret, making it easy to spot.

The seaside of Kos is embellished by tall, majestic palms, making your walk or bike ride towards the ancient Agora picture-perfect! Walking – or cycling around the ancient monuments will travel you back in time and it is an unforgettable experience you shouldn’t miss. Then, as the town unfolds beyond the archaeological sites, you can find whatever you heart desires; cafes, restaurants, bars, shops or vendors, or maybe just a small bench with a magnificent view for a few moments of rest. Kos is the town you will certainly love exploring, either on foot or by bike!