Diamond Deluxe Hotel Special: Kos’ Top Sites for Short Stay Travellers!

Kos Top Sites

When visiting Kos, there are a few sites that you simply must visit, even if sightseeing isn’t your favourite pastime or you were just planning on a restful vacation laying on a lounger by the sea or the pool and soaking the sun’s vital beams. The places in Kos you should definitely visit are:

The Asklipeion of Kos: Yes, it may seem like one of the numerous archaeological sites you find scattered all around Greece, and it may seem indifferent from afar but the Asklipeion is unique; not only is it the birthplace of medicine as we more commonly know it, but the site offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Kos. That, together with the mesmerizing, almost mystical aura of the hilltop, makes it a destination well-worthy of your visit.
Kos Top Sites
The Tree of Hippocrates: Right behind the iconic building of the Eparcheio in the port of Kos, next to the stone bridge that leads to the gates of the Neratzia castle, a small oasis of is hidden under the shadows of the perennial tree, under which Hippocrates taught his students. Enjoy a walk in this serene park, its coolness in the heat of the summer and its distant beauty that seems like not belonging to this world.

Thermes beach: At the foot of a steep rock that plunges into the sea something remarkable happens: a hot, volcanic spring spouts its therapeutic waters right into the sea. This unusual phenomenon creates a small pond on the beach right by the sea that acts as a natural spa pool, making this small piece of land one of the top sites of Kos.

Agios Stefanos beach in Kefalos: this is the most photographed spot on the entire island due to its mesmerizing beauty. A small cove with crystal clear waters, embellished by a rocky island with a charming church just a few hundred meters away from shore. The beach is scattered with ancient ruins that only add to its transcending ambiance, making it yet another of Kos’ must see sites.

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