What to do in Diamond Deluxe Hotel, Kos: the indoor and nearby activities.

Activities of Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos


Staying in a luxurious venue such as the 5 star Diamond Deluxe Boutique Hotel in Kos is a memorable experience on its own. Nevertheless, there is the exclusive selection of activities of Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos to choose from, all designed with your indulgence in mind, meant to pamper you with opulence, deep relaxation and ultimate gastronomic satisfaction.

The Diamond Deluxe Hotel is situated in the Lambi Beach in Kos Island, Greece, a large part of which is segregated for the sole use of the Hotel’s guests. Lush loungers and VIP service from the Cushion Beach Bar transform your summertime casual moments into a haven of tranquility and privacy on the edge of Europe, at the white sands of Lambi.


Activities of Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos

Dining is yet another experience that will never be the same for you after your stay in the Kos Diamond Deluxe. Exquisite delicacies and gourmet dishes in an elegant environment with impeccable décor under a veil of soothing sounds will excite your senses and take you on an entirely new gastronomic dimension. The bars of Diamond Deluxe, your new most favourite destination for drinks in an immaculate space of irresistible charm will make you look forward for the evening to come.

But the epitome of luxurious indulgence and superb relaxation is found in the outstanding Mazarin Health Club. Exquisite spa treatments and beauty rituals with the latest in professional equipment and devoted experts; unique, innovative therapies and customized regimes based on your particular needs and wishes; harmony and relaxation at its finest. Our opulent facilities and pampering treatments will restore the balance and harmony of your body and your soul emanating the sense of total wellbeing.

One thing is for sure. Staying in the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel will change the way you perceive luxury and VIP treatment. For a closer look into the Diamond Deluxe Hotel things to do visit