The best things to do in the town of Kos, Greece!

Things to do in the Town of Kos

The town of Kos has many things to offer, and you will certainly not get bored roaming around it. Some of the most interesting things to do when in Kos are:

Sightseeing: the rich history of Kos has allowed for several extremely interesting historical ruins that are worth visiting. For starters, the Asklipeion, a medical center of antiquity worth not just for its historical value but also for the amazing view from the top. The Casa Romana is a beautifully preserved Roman villa that showcases elements of everyday life almost 2000 years ago and is a great add-on to your visit to the Archaeological museum of Kos. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wander in the Venetian fortress and castle dominating the entrance of the harbor, it is an intriguing site and the views to the town and the sea are breath-taking.
Things to do in the Town of Kos
Bars, cafes and restaurants: The town of Kos has plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste. The most popular place for relaxing and “people-watching” while enjoying a cup of coffee in the cooling sea breeze is the Eleytherias square, right in the center of the town, whereas the streets between the square and the harbor are full of charming shops, cafes and restaurants. The area by the town’s ancient Agora is also home to many of the bars and night clubs.

Swimming at the beach of Lambi: the beach right next to the town of Kos is the cosmopolitan beach of Lambi, also known as Nea Alikarnassos. This wide stretch of lacy golden sands and crystal clear waters attracts many visitors, as it is highly organized with modern facilities and thrilling water sports, with a wide selection of restaurants and Cafes, as well as some luxurious accommodation choices such as the 5-star Diamond Deluxe Hotel.

Cycling and walking: Kos is perfect for cycling or walking expeditions. Its flat ground makes it a delight for bikers and cycling is a preferred means of transportation for many of its locals. Also, the close proximity of most interesting sites in the centre of Kos enables you to walk around most of it.

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