The Top 5 activities in Kos Island, Greece!

Top 5 activities in Kos Island


It is not an exaggeration to say that Kos Island has it all. Gorgeous sandy beaches, a Town bursting with history, a hinterland with picturesque villages and a range of activities that cater to the adventurous, the nature lovers and of course, those visitors seeking peace and tranquillity. Let’s discover where in the island of Kos you can enjoy the things you love by counting top 5 activities in Kos Island.

Swimming. The beaches of Kos are lovely corners of the Aegean Sea. Whether you are looking for organized resorts, lively beach bars or unspoilt shores in Kos you will swim in dazzling crystal clear waters. Start from the beach of Lambi or Nea Alikarnassos with the shallow waters and the great proposals for staying and having fun. Agios Fokas is a fully organized beach close to the Town of Kos (8km), where at the beach of Thermes, the thermal underwater springs reach the waters’ temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Another famous beach of Kos is Tigaki, and you definitely should also visit the beaches of Kamaria and Marmari. Agios Stefanos beach might be a little bit far (35 km from the Town) but it deserves a stop.

Tip: If you enjoy swimming in the afternoon then head to the beach of Marmari. It is lovely at sunset time.


Top 5 activities in Kos Island

Water Sports. Most beaches of Kos are well organized with plenty of modern water sport facilities such as Jet Ski, parasailing , wakeboarding and many more. There are also Scuba Diving centers, where you can explore the Kos’ underwater beauty. The most popular beaches where you can find the best water sport facilities are Lambi, Agios Theologos , Agios Fokas, Paradise and PsalidiMoreover, the northern winds blowing in Marmari and Kochylari make them a pole of attraction for avid windsurfers and kite surf lovers.

Sightseeing. The island of Kos has a rich history with roots lost in the ancient times. Its heritage is evident through numerous archaeological monuments of immense significance that one should definitely visit when in Kos. In the town you can admire the ruins of the ancient Agora and the Asklipeio, where Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine taught his pupils, the Roman Auditorium and so much more. The rest of the island has an astounding collection of byzantine castles to showcase, such as the Neratzia and the Antimacheia fortresses, as well as monuments from the ancient and the Roman times.

Little escapades in nature are a wonderful way to truly connect with a place. Some spots that praise the magnificence of Kos’ nature are the Psalidi wildlife sanctuary that hosts notable populations of herons, turtles and flamingoes; the Therma hot springs that transform a tiny beach into a natural spa resort; the cave of Aspri Petra and the Zia Natural Park, from where you can admire – apart from specimens of Kos’ wildlife – the best sunset view on the island.

Tip: Drive to Plaka, close to the airport, and walk around the beautiful forest where hundreds of peacocks reside!

Nightlife. The heart of Kos’ nightlife beats, as you can probably imagine, at the center of the Town where you can simply find everything. From seaside cafés and restaurants to bars and exhilarating night clubs that give your nights in Kos the essence of a great night out. But, especially during the months of summer, the beaches of Kardamaina, Tigaki and Agios Fokas offer some exciting choices for drinking and dancing at the beach bars. The beach of Lambi also features some serious fun spots to enjoy your night next to one of Kos Island’s most beautiful beaches.