All you need to know about the history of Kos Island by Diamond Deluxe Hotel!

History of Kos


Kos has been inhabited since the prehistoric times, with a rich ancient history. It was a member of the 7th century BC Dorian Hexapolis alliance and it was even mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as a participant in the Trojan War. The ancient city of Kos was situated in the same spot as the modern city now stands and some impressive ruins such as the temple of Aphrodite, the sanctum of Hercules and the ancient Agora remain as evidence of its glorious past. But what the island is most famous for is the fact that Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine was born here, and taught in the renowned Medicine School of Kos. The Platan tree of Hippocrates, under which he used to teach his students stands to this day across the entrance of the Neratzia castle in the Kos city center, and the water welling from the fountain beneath it was considered miraculously therapeutic.


history of Kos

The roman times were quite prosperous for Kos as well, as it is evident by the auditorium, the intricate mosaic floors of the Therme spa and the imposing Casa Romana. During the Medieval era, the island was under the rule of the Knights of Saint John, who undertook the construction of several fortresses, such as the Neratzia castle in the Kos harbor, the castle of Palio Pyli and the fortress of Antimacheia. The Ottomans, the Saracens and Venetians, they all tried to conquer this prosperous island at times leaving their mark to the history of Kos. Modern times find Kos as an Italian province that was later turned over to the State of Greece.

Certainly, this brief recount can’t even begin to cover the rich history of Kos, but it gives a small taste of what contributed in this colorful amalgamation of centuries and nations past, and a small sample of all the impressive historical monuments you can visit and admire while visiting Kos. The Diamond Deluxe Hotel’s concierge would be happy to assist you in choosing the most notable places to include in your sightseeing of the majestic town of Kos. For more information click