Summer 2016 in Kos: Events and Festivals

Summer 2016 events of Kos

Just like every summer, this year’s cultural summer 2016 events and festivals calendar of Kos is full of interesting happenings and festivals that praise the cultural heritage of Greece and Kos in particular and present some events such as music concerts or artistic happenings.

In the center of the summer’s events is the ongoing festival “Ippokrateia 2016” which lasts the entire summer and hosts a plethora of renowned Greek and international artists with music concerts, theatre plays, cultural celebrations and many more.
Summer 2016 events of Kos
Just to name a few , on the 23rd of June the representation of the customary practice of the Kleidonas in the Eleytherias Square will illuminate the night with fires burning and traditional dances, on the July 21st you could admire a musical concert devoted to Mimis Plessas – one of the most significant contemporary Greek composers – in the medieval Castle of Kos, or attend a representation of the Hippocratic oath ceremony in Asklipeio, a mystifying experience that anyone involved in the medical profession would find deeply moving and emotional. Also, on July 30th you could get acquainted with the most significant local products of the island in the “Local Products Festival” at the Kos’ marina.

Some villages on the island also host cultural events and festivals, such as the “Dikaia” festival in the Dikaiou village during July and August, and “Irakleia” in the municipality of Irakleidon during the same months. These festivals include concerts, plays, traditional music and dances, photographic exhibitions and book presentations.

These events are only mentioned as an example and some may reoccur in the course of the summer. The full agenda of the Summer 2016 events of Kos will be available at the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel concierge. Please do not hesitate to consult with our concierge for more information concerning the cultural happenings and events of Kos, reservations for concerts and plays as well as details on religious celebrations and feasts that may be scheduled during your stay. For further information on the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel and the services provided visit: