All you need to know about Hippocrates, the father of medicine!

Hippocrates the father of medicine

Hippocrates the father of medicine
You have probably heard of the Hippocratic Oath that all doctors take upon graduation, and if you are visiting Kos, you have definitely heard that it is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. But do you really know who Hippocrates was? Here is all you need to know on the great philosopher and doctor that came to be known as the father of Medicine.

Hippocrates was born in Kos in 460 BC in a family considered to be direct descendants of Asklipios, the ancient Greek god of Healing and Medicine. His father taught medicine in the famous Asklipion of Kos, the ruins of which you can visit today just outside the town of Kos. Hippokrates studied there himself, but also travelled to other places in order to learn more and to teach to more people the importance of clean water, fresh air and exposure to the sun in one’s wellness. He managed to spare the ancient medicine techniques from superstitions and irrationalities, as well as the popular belief that the gods where responsible for every human ailment. He is said to have saved the city of Avdira and the city of Athens from a deadly plague by using precautionary measures such as cleanliness against the spreading of contagious diseases.

A popular ancient anecdote claims that when Hippocrates visited Avdira, he was asked to diagnose the famous philosopher Dimokritos, who always laughed at anything; he diagnosed him with “a pleasant disposition”, hence making him known as “the laughing philosopher”.

When Hippocrates died in Larissa, his tomb was said to host a bee hive, the honey from which cured children’s sprues and ulcers. His legacy lived on for centuries, and significant parts of his work are at the foundations of modern medicine.

When in Kos, apart from the Asclipion, you can also visit the Platan tree of Hippokrates, the father of medicine behind the medieval castle of Kos, which is where the great philosopher allegedly taught his students medicine.

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