Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos: The Unique Experiences!

Experience in Kos


There are certain things that can elevate a simple hotel accommodation into a unique and exciting experience, and very few hotels can boast that. Diamond Deluxe Hotel proudly offers unique experiences in Kos to its guests, which are certain to take their stay a step further and transform it into an exclusive affair.

What makes your stay special when in the Diamond Deluxe Hotel is not just the VIP treatment, not even the luxurious, opulent rooms and suites. It is a series of carefully designed and executed details that aim to enrich every aspect of the hotel and enhance the guest’s experience, combined with the know-how in the art of exclusive and elegant hospitality.

To begin with the basics, every single item served in the hotel’s restaurants is created with fresh ingredients, handpicked by our executive chef that come from carefully selected certified organic and chemical free local farms, our wine list is comprised with wines from local wineries and particular international labels while the hotel’s private farms supply its extra virgin olive oil. As a result, anything you taste in Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos, from the simplest delicacy to the most perplex course is bound to be a unique gastronomic experience in Kos.


Experience in Kos

In addition, an ecofriendly green policy is implemented on all aspects of the facility’s operation, therefore ensuring the utmost respect and minimal impact on the environment.

The same care is provided to every event our guests wish to organize; our expert wedding planners will provide you with complete proposals for a spectacular wedding experience in Kos like no other, with every detail taken care of and immaculate design that will result in an unforgettable, unique celebration.

The Mazarin Spa of the Diamond Deluxe Hotel has something more to add to a unique hotel stay in Kos. Exquisite beauty treatments, rejuvenating massage sessions, sumptuous body-care products and the latest in high-end spa facilities transform your stay into a magnificent, balanced wellness experience in Kos.

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