The Diamond Suites. Inside the best suites in Kos island

The best suites in Kos Island


Forget everything you know about luxurious accommodation. Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos Island has taken extravagance to a new high in designing this majestic hotel and its luscious Diamond Suites.

Step inside the heavenly Diamond Suites in the Diamond Deluxe Hotel and Spa and let us guide you into a world of exclusivity and elegance, where nothing else matters but your absolute indulgence. A glorious bedroom with a king size or round bed and sublime décor, accentuated by the ethereal flow of silk and the discreet grace of gold for the apotheosis of a good night’s sleep. A living room so lustrous you will find it hard to leave. An unrivalled marble bathroom with palatial yet ultra-modern details. This is the exalted interior of the Diamond Suites, the best suites in Kos Island and amongst the very best of Greece.


The best suites in Kos Island

And if anything could transcend the gorgeous indoors of the magnificent Diamond Suites, that would only be their outdoors; a superb, secluded space around your very own private swimming pool beyond your most elevated expectations. Earthy details of wood, stone and glass combined with the airy essence of the Greek islands and an expansive view to the mesmerizing Aegean Sea add their radiant character to your sunny days and candlelit nights in Kos to complete your experience in elegance and style.

The Diamond Suites of the 5-star Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos is by far the most elegant accommodation choice for travellers with high standards and even higher expectations; for romantic escapades in luxury or unsurpassable honeymoons with a modern island flair. Immerse yourself into the refined sophistication and the splendor of a private swimming poll, a luxurious suite and the inimitable, royal ambiance of the Diamond Suites in the Diamond Deluxe Hotel. This is more than just luxurious accommodation, it is an experience in opulence, in elegance and in style, and you will live it in the Diamond Suites, the best suites in Kos Island.

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