Grab Your Camera! The Top 10 Sites for Gorgeous Photos in Kos island!

Picture-Perfect sites in Kos

Holidays on the island of Kos are delightful; on an island that can boast almost eight months of sunshine, endless stretches of sandy beaches and state-of-the-art facilities, having a good time is guaranteed. But just like every holiday, it calls for memorabilia, tokens that will preserve the experience of Kos forever in your memory and your heart.

The simplest way to commemorate your vacation is through your camera. Whether you are the smart-phone type or a conventional lensed camera enthusiast, taking photos is an integral part of your excursions around the island. The ten most picture-perfect sites in Kos that will thrill every photography enthusiast and impress anyone who sees your photos, are listed here to help you create and keep your very own collection of Kos images.
Picture-Perfect sites in Kos
The Medieval Castle of Kos at the port’s entrance is the perfect spot with countless photo opportunities, from the thick wooden gates to the moat’s bridge and the battlements.

The Palm promenade, especially in the evenings when the streetlights are lit but the ambient light gives a more romantic background to your snapshots.

The Asklipeion on the hilltop overlooking the town offers sweeping panoramic views of Kos, the Aegean, and if the weather is clear, all the way across the sea to neighbouring Turkey.

The Platan tree of Hippokrates, worthy not only for its impressive size but also for the tales that go with it.

Casa Romana, for a sense of time travel and ancient Roman glamour in your memories.

The western archaeological zone of Kos, where numerous ancient ruins tell their century-old stories of history, war andculture.

The park of Plaka, where you will have the rare opportunity to admire tortoises, peacocks and frogs in the wild.

The beach of Agios Stefanos near Kefalos, a small bay with an island in its center, probably the most photographed spot on the island.

Therma Beach, a huge rock with a thermal spring sprouting from its root and into the sea, forming a unique “sea-spa” pool.

The ruins of the Paleo Pyli castle, from where you can enjoy breath-taking panoramic views to the sea.

Grab your camera and be ready, every turn in Kos is a chance for yet another stunning photograph and these were the top 10 sites for gorgeous photos.