The Top 10 Activities in Kos Island, Greece!

Top 10 Activities in Kos island


It is not an exaggeration to say that Kos Island has it all. Gorgeous sandy beaches, a Town bursting with history, a hinterland with picturesque villages and a range of activities that cater to the adventurous, the nature lovers and of course, those visitors seeking for peace and tranquillity. There is no need to waste time. Let’s discover where in the island of Kos you can enjoy the things you love by counting the first 5 from the top 10 activities in Kos island.

1. Swimming. The beaches of Kos are lovely corners of the Aegean Sea. Whether you are looking for organized resorts, lively beach bars or unspoilt shores in Kos you will swim in dazzling crystal clear waters. Start from the beach of Lambi or Nea Alikarnassos with the shallow waters and the great proposals for staying and having fun like the Diamond Deluxe Hotel. Agios Fokas is a fully organized beach close to the Town of Kos (8km), where at the beach of Thermes, the thermal underwater springs reach the waters’ temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Another famous beach of Kos is Tigaki, and you definitely should also visit the beaches of Kamaria and Marmari. Agios Stefanos beach might be a little bit far (35 km from the Town) but it deserves a stop.

Tip: If you enjoy swimming in the afternoon then head to the beach of Marmari. It is lovely at sunset time.

2. Bicycling. The people of Kos love bicycling. Hundreds of citizens and visitors prefer to move around the island by bike. Beyond the main Town in many touristic resorts of the island you will find plenty of bicycle rentals to enjoy cycling in the roads specially designated for bicycles. You can reach the beach of Lambi by bicycle in just a 15 minute ride.
3. Water Sports. There are plenty of beaches that provide water sport facilities in Kos island, and yet some more where you can be just yourself and the waves. At the beach of Lambi you will find Jet Ski and other water sports facilities. The northern winds blowing at the beach are ideal for wind surfers. Moreover you can visit the beaches of Agios Theologos , Agios Fokas, Paradise and Psalidi to indulge into summer time fun in Kos island as you experience a new dimension of your favourite water sports.

4.   Shopping. Shoppers will find a little piece of shopper’s heaven in Kos island. Starting from the Town of Kos you will find all kinds of shops for souvenirs made with local materials, like sea-shells, clothes and accessories- do not miss a bargain for genuineleather goods, ceramics and so much more. Needless to say that you will find plenty of shopping venues in the main touristic resorts of the island, and it is also good to know that Lambi is very close to the main shopping districts of Kos island.
5.   Gastronomy. The gastronomy of Kos Island has some delicious dishes and unique products to offer. The base is the local olive oil, meat and fresh fish along with locally produced vegetables and fruits. Do not miss the local edition of the famous across Greece ntolmades dish, the pitaridia (pasta boiled in a meat broth) and katimeria (fried cheese pie with cinnamon and honey). Among the products of Kos that you must try is the Red, or Wine cheese, the sweet tomato and the honey, especially from Antiocheia.

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