Thing to do in Kos island Special: Part II- The Top 10 Activities!

Activities in Kos island


Inspired by the lovely nature of Kos island and giving you the nightlife’s hot spots we continue our Top 10 Activities in Kos island special by taking glimpses to the best hiking trials, some point of interest to conclude with the best place to relax in Kos island. Ready? Let’s start.

6. Hiking. Hikers find in Kos island their very own paradise. Trails through villages, landmarks and natural beauty will take your steps in long or short adventures. Find here some interesting routes like the one leading from Kamari to Agios Ioannis, or from to Pyli to Palio Pyli and Amaniou; a must- do hiking route. To add some sightseeing stops head from Zias to Askipiou, where for the best view to the island and the sea reach up to the top of Dikaios Mountain, a trial starting from Zia.

Tip: Zia is among the best places to enjoy the sunset in Kos Island.


7. Sightseeing. We are now ready to discover the villages and settlements of Kos Island. The village complex of Asfendi must be in your stops in order to see the beauty of five traditional villages of Kos. The beautiful Cephalos might be 40 km from Kos Town but it is one of Kos most picturesque villages. Also stop at the abandoned Chaichoutes village with the evocative atmosphere. Visit also the villages of Pyli, Marmari and Antiocheia; all have some very special stories of everyday life in Kos to share with their visitors.

8. Nature. The natural setting of Kos is really beautiful. This blessed island has two major natural points of interest that you have to discover. The Cave of Aspri Petra (White Stone) where some important findings suggest that the island was inhabited long before the Geometrical Period. The second place with natural interest is the Psalidi area where the flora and fauna is protected and you can see flamingos and other birds as they stop here to rest before continuing their journey to the south.

Tip: Drive to Plaka, close to the airport, and walk around the beautiful forest where hundreds of peacocks reside!

9. Nightlife. The heart of Kos’ nightlife beats, as you will probably imagine at the center of the Town where you can simply find everything. From cafés and restaurants to bars and night clubs giving to your nights in Kos the essence of a great night out. But, especially during the months of summer, the beaches of Kardamaina, Tigaki and Agios Fokas offer some fun choices for drinking and dancing at the beach bars. The beach of Lambi also features some serious fun spots to enjoy your night next to one of Kos Island’s most beautiful beaches.
10. Relaxing. Relaxing might not be an activity but it is definitely something that you are after when you visit Kos island and spend so much wonderful time exploring and experiencing the lovely island! So here we have the best place to relax and enjoy a great hospitality experience in Kos Island. It is the Diamond Deluxe Hotel & Spa where the people of the hotel will be delighted to give you the details for the Top 10 Activities in Kos Island as well as welcome you to the premises of our hotel. You are just a click away from experiencing it all: