Why August is the best month to visit Kos Island

The island of Kos in August

Well, the easy answer to that would be that all Greek islands are better in August; the summer is at its peak, the sea is inviting with its crystalline coolness, the moon seems brighter; bliss, carelessness and romance is in the air.

The island of Kos in August is in one word magnificent. The temperature reaches its annual highs, which makes for warm mornings and middays perfect from swimming in the sea, frolicking in the sands or by the pool, and sunbathing for a natural, exotic tan. On the evenings, refreshing breezes cool down the atmosphere, creating a delightful ambiance perfect for an evening promenade in the Kos harbor or the cosmopolitan Lambi beach, before you head to a restaurant for a romantic dinner or drinks at one of the many bars of Kos Town.

August in Kos is also the month when all cultural events peek, with interesting concerts, theatre plays, art exhibitions and many more. This year, the cultural agenda of Kos proudly showcases the 30 year anniversary of the “Ippokrateia” festival, with an extensive schedule of events for the entire month of August. Another one-of-a-kind August experience, cherished by locals and visitors alike is the admiration of the August full-moon. Every year, archaeological monuments throughout Greece, on the night of the full moon open at night, for an admission free sighting of the grand August full moon in a beautiful, historical scenery. For that end, this year, on August 18th, Casa Romana will be the full moon’s viewing spot, which will open its doors from 22:00 until 24:00.

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The island of Kos in August