The worth visiting villages in Kos Island

Holidays in Kos can be so much more than swimming in its lacy sandy beaches and strolling around the town of Kos. The island has some quaint, scenic villages worth visiting for their traditional atmosphere and significant sights. Here are some of the villages we suggest you visit when exploring the island of Kos.
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To begin with, the island’s original capital town, Kefalos, is a charming village characterized by the typical architectural style of the Aegean, with narrow cobblestoned alleys and small cubic buildings. In the beach of Kefalos, the ancient ruins of the Agios Stefanos Vasilika and the little island dominating the cove make for one of the most picturesque spots on the island of Kos.
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Kardamena is probably the most popular spot for the visitors of the island. A vibrant life with lots of bars and clubs, in a village of modern aesthetics and a gorgeous beach perfect for swimming in the warm summer days. Kardamena offers sightseeing as well, with interesting churches, an ancient theatre and ruins of a temple dedicated to Apollo.
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Pyli, the oldest village of Kos is built around the ruins of a Byzantine castle, on a verdant yet rocky hill. If you visit Pyli, don’t miss out on visiting its famous six-fountains from where the crystalline waters of a nearby spring emerge.
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The village of Zia, a mountainous locale on the slopes of mount Dikeos is one of the most popular destinations of Kos, for its authentic traditional character, its quaint taverns and its beautiful panoramic views of Kos, especially during the sunset.
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Antimacheia is a village built by the remains of a Venetian Castle, which maintains an air of tradition with scenic alleys, traditional buildings and a rich musical tradition showcased by numerous festivals and events throughout the year. In Antimacheia’s port, Mastichari, you will find a wide array of delightful, seaside taverns and restaurants.

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