The wines of Kos and the restaurants of Diamond Deluxe Hotel

The Kos’s vineyard existed since the ancient times; Hippocrates mentioned the “Koeios Oenos”, the wine of Kos and urged its consumption, as he considered it beneficial to one’s health. In the passing centuries, the viniculture on the island diminished, and it presented no significant produce until recently, when a couple of wineries put Kos back on the map by producing exquisite wines that embody the true essence of Kos.

The Chatziemmanouil and Triantafyllopoulos wineries, both situated in the region of Asfendiou of Kos produce sophisticated PGI wines (protected geographical indication) of immense quality that are highly sought after by oenophiles, locals and visitors alike from the minute the fresh harvest hits the market. Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Malagouzia are just some of the varieties cultivated, and each wine is more delicious than the other.

The Diamond Deluxe restaurants, Peruzzi and Emerald, as well as the exquisite Lobby bar always take great pride in securing in time an adequate supply of these delectable and rather rare labels, in an effort to pay homage to their island of origin and to offer these unique local products. After all, a true Kos experience must pass from the palate as well, with tastes that encapsulate the spirit of the island, tastes that are as unique and satisfying as the island of Kos itself.

Combine these riveting wines of Kos with the mouth-watering dishes of the Diamond Deluxe restaurants and create your own distinct memories of an opulent holiday in Kos through the tastes of the food and the well balanced wines, the luxury of the hotel and the refreshing, seaside ambiance. The Kos Diamond Deluxe restaurants and bars always go above and beyond in procuring the finest labels, local and international alike for indulging moments of luxury and taste.

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