Where to relax in Kos island: Beauty & Wellness Stories!

Mazarin Spa in Kos
Kos, the hometown of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Since the ancient times the island of Kos was groundbreaking in the field of medicine, hosting the famous Asklipeion, temple of the God of Medicine and Healing Asklipios and a predecessor of the modern hospitals. Hippocrates, considered by many a descendant of god Asklipios himself, was trained as a doctor there and established his theories about health and medicine. His entire philosophy revolved around the principal that clean water, the sun and fresh air are the bare essentials for maintaining good health. He also stressed out the importance of a balanced diet and correlated certain foods with their healing properties.

Mazarin Spa in Kos

And that is exactly what wellness is all about, even up to this day. The sun, clean water, fresh air and a balanced diet are the very essence of our well-being, and combined with care to our bodies, as in physical exercise, we can achieve wonders to our health. Having said that, Kos is the ideal place for one to find all these. An island blessed with fresh air, courtesy of the refreshing sea breeze of the Aegean and the impressive flora of its inland; sun kissed by the bright Greek sun, in a region where the sun shines for more than 300 days per year; cool, clean waters and fresh produce for a balanced and healthy diet; the island itself inspires you to pursue an optimal level of wellness, to actively try to live a higher quality life.


Mazarin Spa in Kos

Walking around Kos you can feel the ancient vibes of the Hippocratic philosophy; as you breathe the fresh air and take in the beauty of the island, you will feel like a different person. Inspiration is all around. It’s in the people of Kos, joyfully riding around the city on their bicycles, it’s in the fresh breeze coming from the beach, and it’s even in the ancient ruins of the temple of Asklipios. Kos always was and always will be the island of Hippokrates, the island of health, the island of well-being.

As the island transitioned to modern times, it maintained the holistic philosophy of its ancient Hippocratic legacy, thus becoming a spa destination, a place where one can achieve balance of mind, body and soul with the help of professional massage therapists in luxurious and elegant surroundings. Such lavish facilities are those of the Kos Island Mazarin Luxury Health Club  in Diamond Deluxe Spa Hotel.


Mazarin Spa in Kos

Allow yourself to be pampered in one of the five state-of-the-art treatment rooms of Mazarin Spa in Kos, indulge in a luscious, authentic Hammam session, a rejuvenating Vichy shower or a Rasul treatment and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing sensation of total relaxation. For an even more complete and harmonious experience, you can combine your well-being regime with a personalized fitness schedule and even one of the carefully planned wellness menus of Diamond Deluxe Hotel that provide a nutritional and well balanced diet without compromising on taste or presentation. For additional information and reservations for the Diamond Deluxe Spa in Kos, go to