The best autumn activities in Kos Island

As August is over but as you may know, it’s not completely over in the Aegean yet! The temperate climate of the Greek islands and the Dodekanese in particular usually maintains warm weather till well into September and some years – if we are lucky – into the first days of October. Here is a list with the best autumn activities in Kos Island.

But, as autumn slowly sinks in, our mood and activities need to adjust as well. When on holidays in Kos, there are plenty of things to do besides swimming in the sea on the warm days; the town of Kos is ideal for those autumn days with its picturesque setting that looks beautiful and inviting even on those –rare fortunately- gloomy autumn days.

Sightseeing in autumn is perfect. The archaeological excavations scattered around the city centre, the archaeological museum and even the Asklipeio that overlooks Kos town will give you a small sample of life in ancient times, and you will admire exquisite findings of immense historical value. As the weather is a bit cooler than the scorching heat of August, touring the medieval castle and the historic town center is much more comfortable.
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Cycling, another favorite activity in Kos is ideal for the first days of autumn, as you can ride around the town and explore all its hidden beauties.

The restaurants and bars of Kos are more welcoming than ever in autumn; as the highly touristic season is over and the crowds thin out, a friendly and homely attitude takes over, giving you the chance to meet and mingle with the locals and experience the Greek hospitality in a more casual and relaxed manner.

Lastly, for those rainy, gloomy days of autumn when you don’t really feel like going out, pamper yourself with a rejuvenating, indulgent beauty treatment at the exquisite Mazarin Health Club and Spa of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel and bring out a whole new autumn you! For reservations at the Diamond Deluxe Hotel and more details about the best autumn activities in Kos Island visit