Kos Gastronomy Special – Fresh Ingredients by Diamond Deluxe

Kos Gastronomy

When creating the Peruzzi a la carte and the Emerald restaurants of the Kos Diamond Deluxe, the main goal was to create a space of refined luxury where the finest gastronomic creations would be presented. To achieve that goal, attention was given to even the finest detail, and the result was the all-senses revelation that is the Diamond Deluxe gastronomy.

Apart from the careful selection of chemical free and organic ingredients for the restaurants, the Diamond Deluxe’s head chef and his team take great pride in the personal touches added to their dishes. To begin with, all jams and marmalades are made in-house, by fruit either picked from the Diamond Deluxe owned farm or from organic local farms. Cakes, breads and pastries are also made in-house, with homely recipes that maintain the true character of the island of Kos and the warm, welcoming feeling of a treat baked just for you!
Kos Gastronomy
Moreover, the extra virgin olive oil used in the Peruzzi’s and the Emerald’s kitchens is grown and produced in an olive grove owned by Diamond Deluxe, ensuring that the high standards of quality are implemented in every step, from top to bottom.

The care and passion for organic, wholesome and fresh ingredients is at the base of every culinary venture of the Diamond Deluxe’ Restaurants; paired with inspiration and a drive for innovation, gives out the sublime dishes that have come to define Kos’ gastronomy. And all that comes together at an exquisite environment of elegance and luxury with amazing views, situated on the cosmopolitan beach of Lambi.

Experience the finest of Kos Gastronomy in one of the Diamond Deluxe’ restaurants; indulge in the tantalizing dishes, savour the style and admire the view, but most of all, seek for the details, where all the magic begins. For details and reservations visit