10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Kos Island

The Greek islands are world famous for their eternal beauty, their sunny and hot summer days, their gorgeous beaches and the carefree lifestyle that make everyone who visits them fall in love with them forever. Kos, one of the largest islands of the Dodecanese complex is definitely the island that you will keep in your heart and in your fondest memories forever! Here are 10 reasons to fall in love with Kos Island:
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The medieval allure of Kos town, with the Castle of Neratzia dominating the port, a memoir of the Venetian era on the island. Strolling in its grounds feels like time-travel to the romance of the past.

The Beaches of the island, endless miles of sandy beaches and crystalline waters that will please even the most demanding beachgoers. Organized or unspoilt, in Kos you will find the beach you’ll love.

The moderate climate, typical of the Mediterranean, with long, warm summers and mild winters.

The rich archaeological heritage of Kos with significant sites of immense historical importance, such as the Asklipeio, Casa Romana, the Roman Odeon and so many more that showcase the island’s tremendous history.

The natural beauty of Kos, with verdant mountains full of wildlife and sanctuaries for the protection of indigenous species and migratory populations, here you will get in touch with the magnificence of the Kos’ nature.

The thermal springs of the island, with their volcanic origin and therapeutic properties, will elevate your wellness to a whole new level. The Beach of Therma, where the waters spring is charming and the bubbling waters a one-of-a-kind spectacle!

Strolling and cycling in Kos town is a delightful activity in an idyllic environment with gorgeous views.

The sunsets from Asklipeio or spots like Pyli, Kefalos beach and others, are unparalleled for their beauty and the awe-inspiring sense of standing on the edge of an entire continent.

The brio and friendliness of its people will make you feel right at home from the second of your arrival to the last moments of your stay.

The palatial luxury of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel, on the cosmopolitan beach of Lambi, will take your breath away with its exquisite, adult only accommodation and ostentatious opulence, whereas the indulging Mazarin Spa will pamper you with the most satiating treatments.

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