Island Hopping Special – Hints, tips and things to do in Rhodes Island!

Island Hopping Special

Island Hopping Special
When travelling to or from Kos, it is rather common to make a stop in Rhodes Island first as the latter is a hub connecting the Dodekanese with almost every other part of Greece and has frequent connections with almost all major cities of Europe. Moreover, it’s an island with an abundance of intriguing destinations, highly recommended by the people of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel for an island hopping trip! Here are some hints, tips and things to do in Rhodes:

If you reach Rhodes from Kos by boat, the first thing you will notice is the Old Town dominating the harbor; an entire medieval city with its outer walls, moat and fortifications intact. Its convenient location makes the Old Town an complete island hopping destination, as you could spend an entire day in it visiting its various – and abundant sites. The Grand Magister’s Palace, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes and the Clock Tower are a must, whereas strolling in the cobblestone alleys is a mesmerizing real-time travel through time.

The city of Rhodes has a bustling city center where the Venetian architecture mingles with neoclassical and modern buildings in a blend that surprises you in every step you take. Numerous shops, cafes and restaurants can be found, whereas in the vicinity of the port you can visit the Aquarium, the Museum of Modern Art and the Ancient Stadium, on a hilltop overlooking the east coast of the island known as Monte Smith.

If you wish to explore the island further, its most popular destinations are the picturesque village of Lindos with its impressive Akropolis (approx.65km from Rhodes city), the beaches of Kalithea, Faliraki, and Ladiko (all within 20km from Rhodes), the archaeological site of Kamiros and the famous Valley of the Butterflies.

If you wish to visit Rhodes on an island hopping trip or as a stop on your itinerary, the Diamond Deluxe Hotel concierge is at your disposal for more tips and suggestions, as well as ticket arrangements and transfer reservations.