Hippokrateia Festival 2015- Not to be missed

“Culture is what made man more than a universal accident” – André Malraux

For more than 27 years the “Hippokrateia Festival” enriches the everyday life of Kos Island during the summer season through a variety of cultural events that aim to cultivate the inner spirit of those attending. This year, the “Hippokrateia Festival” will be held from 15th  July to 23rd August at some of the most beautiful open-air places of Kos, such as the Medieval Castle and Askleipion, where Hippocrates taught medicine.

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During those 40 days of the “Hippokrateia Festival”, visitors and locals of Kos will have the opportunity to attend theatrical performances of ancient Greek and contemporary plays as well as dance performances and concerts of Balkan, swing, rock and traditional music. In addition, photography and painting exhibitions will add to the glamour of the festival. Many interactive performances and creative group activities have also been planned for the young attendees, so as to broaden the festival’s target group. Furthermore, visitors will have the chance to embark on a culinary journey to the local cuisine of Kos through the Gastronomy Festival of “Hippokrateia Festival”, where locals will showcase some of their best traditional delicious recipes and products.

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The “Hippokrateia Festival” is a festival of arts and culture that has become an attraction for both internal and external tourists while promoting theisland of Kos as a summer destination but also as a destination of vivid cultural activity. This annual summer festival has succeeded in communicating the modern as well as the traditional culture and the rich cultural heritage of Kos and Greece alike. What makes the “Hippokrateia Festival”, a celebration not be missed, apart from its rich program of events, is the majestic scenery that serves as the perfect place to attend all kinds of events and festivals, under the summer sky of Kos.

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