Kos island and the 5 Villages You MUST Visit!

Villages of Kos

The quaint, beautiful island of Kos has many visit-worthy sights, that including some of its villages; traditional island architecture, welcoming beaches, impressive sites and friendly locals are their main characteristics, but each of the villages we have selected for you is a unique treasure with distinctive character. The 5 villages of Kos that you simply must visit are:

Kefalos: the ancient capital of Kos Island is now a small traditional town with narrow cobblestoned alleys and a quaint insular allure, and the ruins of the hilltop castle only add to its charm. Scattered around Kefalos you can admire significant archaeological monuments such as the Agios Stefanos Basilikas, whereas the beach, with the tiny Kastri Island just a few meters offshore is probably the most photographed spot on Kos.

Mastichari: Mastichari is all about the sea; its small port, with ferries and small caiques leaving daily for Kalymnos Island, is always full of fresh fish. Here you will savour the gifts of the Aegean Sea in taverns right on the seafront, and its beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing or any type of watersports.

Antimacheia: Just 4 km south from Mastichari you will come across Antimacheia, Kos’ most historical village, with a heritage longer than 3000 years old. The castle of the Knights of Saint John in Antimacheia will enchant you with its medieval atmosphere and its hidden treasures, like the Agios Nikolaos and the Agia Paraskevi chapels.

Kardamaina: surrounded by verdant nature and impressive archaeological sites, Kardamaina is the heart of Kos’ nightlife. Full of restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as various events and happenigs, Kardamaina is one of the most vibrant spot on the island. Its small port is perfect if you wish to visit it by yacht.

Pyli: amidst the lush olive groves in the center of the island the picturesque village of Pyli is a small, cool haven, famous for its fresh water springs, its traditional stone built homes and the ruins of a byzantine settlement. Here you will enjoy panoramic views and mouthwatering BBQs in the tavernas.

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Villages of Kos