Adult-Only Accommodation and the Diamond Deluxe Hotel

Adult only accommodation in Kos

The Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Lambi beach, Kos is a luxurious 5 star resort that raises the bar when it comes to exclusive, glamorous accommodation. There are many words that could describe the Diamond Hotel; sublime, exquisite, impeccable; but there is one phrase that truly captures the essence of the Kos Diamond Deluxe: Adult only.

Imagine ultimate calmness and relaxation in an exquisite environment of artful elegance, luxury and tranquility. No distraction will ever disturb your experience; no hassle, no unnecessary commotion nothing that will disrupt the harmonious ambiance of your surroundings. This is what adult only accommodation is all about, the sensation of premier calmness and tranquility and the reassurance that nothing will stand in the way of your luxurious journey in the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel.
Adult only accommodation in Kos, meaning that the Diamond Resort does not accept guests under the age of 16, is the guarantee that your holidays will be the most serene and stress-free holidays you have ever experienced, all the while being in one of the most luxurious and elegant establishments around Greece, on one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the Aegean.

Combine the pleasurable accommodation with the soothing relaxation found in the indulgent services of the opulent Mazarin Health Club and Spa. Choose among a plethora of lavish massages, rejuvenating therapies and pampering beauty treatments and immerse yourself into the heavenly sensation of transcendent relaxation, of dulcet balance between your mind, your body and your soul.

Experience the Diamond Resort Effect, the sensation of immense calmness in an escapist’s nirvana and see what the next level of VIP treatment feels like, the gratifying, almost hedonistic affair that is adult only holiday accommodation. Make your reservations now at for the vacation of a lifetime, in Lambi Beach of Kos and the exquisite Diamond Deluxe Hotel.
Adult only accommodation in Kos