The Mountainous Side of Kos Island

Today we will discover the mountainous side of Kos island. Even though Kos is a rather flat island, in its mainland, the Mount Dikeos dominates the scenery. The highest peak of Mount Dikeos is the Psilo Vouno peak, at 846 m, whereas the Christ of Dikeos peak stands at a close 843 m.

Climbing up to the top of Mount Dikeos is an amazing experience; panoramic views to the entire island of Kos and the neighbouring islands Pserimos, Alyki, Gyali and Nisyros. The path, starting from the traditional village of Zia passes through a rich, verdant forest and it is more than adequately marked with signs. The hike up to the top lasts approximately an hour for the moderate hikers. On top, you will find a huge cross and the quaint church of Christ, which stands proudly overlooking the island in what is probably one of the most majestic and awe-inspiring spots on Kos.

An unusual for the visitors event takes place on the 5th of August each year, on the eve of the church’s nameday; hundreds of locals climb up to the top, to celebrate in the church of Christ. If you happen to be on Kos on that particular day, the trek to the top of Dikeos is transformed to an amazing celebratory experience not to be missed!

Dikeos Mountain has two villages built on its slopes, Zia and Asfendiou. Zia is more scenic of the two, with cobblestone alleys, traditional tavernas and a spectacular view to the sunset and the Aegean Sea. Asfendiou on the other hand presents an imposing, mystifying allure with its numerous churches and grandiose tower-like houses.

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