Kos Island for Short-time Travellers

Kos Island for Short-time Travellers – What to See and Do

Reaching the island of Kos on a mini-vacation or as part of a short business or conference trip doesn’t have to mean that you will miss out on sightseeing and exploring the island’s most important sites; in fact, the town of Kos is so convenient that you could easily squeeze in your itinerary a few must-sees. Let’s explore what to see and do when in Kos for a short time travellers!

To begin with, the town of Kos is brimmed with archaeological monuments of immense significance, as it is built on the same location as the original town of Kos, the origins of which are lost in antiquity. Start with the archaeological museum of Kos, to admire a thorough selection of archaeological findings from various digs around the island such as statues and mosaics from ancient Greek and Roman manors. Continue with the Neratzia castle, the medieval fortress dominating the harbor of Kos for a closer look to the Venetian era of the island, and don’t neglect visiting the platan-tree of Hippocrates for a scenic stroll in a quaint park and a visit to the legendary site where – according to legend – Hippocrates himself taught his students. The center of the town, in and around the Eleytherias square is the heart of the town, the place to shop for souvenirs and traditional Koan products, to have a cup of coffee and to mingle. Further out of the town, the Asklipeion offers amazing panoramic views, and Casa Romana and the Roman Odeon are favored by history aficionados.

If time allows you for venturing out of the town, then the beach of Agios Stefanos is the most photographed spot on Kos, where you will enjoy gorgeous views, delicious treats at the beachside taverns and numerous chances for sightseeing. On the other hand, if you wish to spend your time lounging on a beach relaxing under the rejuvenating Greek sun, then you can choose among plenty; the scenic Tigkaki or Mastichari, the secluded Helona or the more cosmopolitan, and conveniently close to the town Lambi beach.

Those are what to see and do when in Kos for short time travellers! For exquisite accommodation on a luxurious, five star hotel close to all the major sites of Kos that offers convenient facilities and services, the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel and Spa on the beach of Lambi is one of the most superb choices.
Kos Island for Short-time Travellers – What to See and Do