Nearby Island Special – visit the island Symi

The island of Symi

The island of Symi
As part of the Dodecanese island complex, Kos is surrounded by plenty of islands, small or larger at a close distance, a perfect opportunity for island hopping trips or excursions. One of the islands close to Kos that you will definitely enjoy visiting is the picturesque island of Symi.
Symi is famous for its amazing architecture and it has managed to maintain its genuine character and an enchanting allure that seems belonging to a distant era. The main port of Symi and the town around it are called Gialos, and it is truly mesmerizing to stroll around its narrow, cobblestoned alleys admiring the manors and the breathtaking views to the sea.

Symi has few and small but gorgeous beaches, most accessible only by sea – there are water taxis and boats that take visitors to every beach around the island. Some of the most popular and easy to reach beaches are Pedi, conveniently close to Gialos, Marathounda Bay and the Bay of Panormitis, the most popular site on the island after Gialos due to the famous monastery of the Archangel Michael – aka Panormitis. The monastery attracts many visitors for its architectural beauty as well as the tranquility of its location, its long history and its museum of historical and ecclesiastical artifacts, and it is usually included in most daily excursions or cruises to the island of Symi.
When in Symi, don’t miss the opportunity to try the delicious tiny shrimp of Symi, a unique delicacy known for its vivid red colour and its fresh, zesty flavor, and the local seafood specialty “spinialo”. As Symi has a rich naval and maritime tradition, a visit to the Naval Museum is also a must.

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