Why we are Looking Forward to the 2017 Summer – The Diamond Deluxe New Experiences

Diamond Deluxe New Experiences for 2017 summer

As summer approaches day by day, our excitement and anticipation rises; the upcoming summer is going to be the best ever! Why are we looking forward to summer 2017? The Diamond Deluxe New Experiences are why!

On our never-ending quest to thrive and better ourselves, we, the people of the five-star Kos Diamond Deluxe seek for new ways to upgrade your holiday, new ways to provide impeccable services, tastes and sensations; we seek and create the Diamond Deluxe New Experiences!

Your holidays are the most anticipated period in your year, and that’s why they have to be unforgettable. That is what the Kos Diamond Deluxe experience is all about; a holiday that resembles no other, a holiday immersed in opulent luxury and glamorous escapism, a holiday dedicated to you that you will never forget!
Diamond Deluxe New Experiences for 2017 summer
From the first moment, the minute you place your reservation for one of the luscious rooms or suites of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort, to the minute of your departure, everything is designed for ultimate relaxation and carefree holidays. Private transfers to and from the hotel, hassle-free check-ins, a coveted adult-only policy that ensures a peaceful ambiance throughout the establishment, a private beach, impeccable services and facilities; the components that create the Diamond Deluxe Experience are all perfect!

This summer, it gets even better! New tastes arrive in our superb menus, new, pioneering treatments are added to our sensational Mazarin Health Club and Spa, new and refreshing ingredients are added as part of the Diamond Deluxe New Experiences for 2017 summer!
Now, you might wonder? How to be part of what’s in store for the upcoming summer? The answer is simple; Click on and prepare to explore the Diamond Deluxe New Experiences, sublime accommodation on the beach of Lambi, Kos and the spectacular 5 star Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort!