Nearby Island Special: The Serene Island of Leros

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Those who have already visited the island of Leros have nothing but kind words to say for this charming little island; peaceful, soothing, with a coastline attractive both above and under the water. The highlight of Leros is the amazing sea that surrounds it; crystal clear and perfect for endless dives, swimming, fishing and scuba diving.

The capital of Leros is the scenic town of Agia Marina, full of imposing neoclassical mansions that give to the town a nostalgic, outlandish allure that mesmerizes every visitor. Another important town of Leros is Lakki, with one of the largest natural harbors in the Mediterranean and the perfect docking spot if you are travelling to Leros in your yacht. Lakki is also known as an Italian architectural venture to design an innovative – for the prewar era of the 20th century – town that would incorporate modern styles such as the Bauhaus and the industrial styles.

When visiting the island of Leros, one should definitely visit the Leros Archaeological Museum for an comprehensive look into Leros’ history, the impressive War Museum in Perikia, and the Leros Akropolis, also known as Palaiokastro. If you wish to swim, the most beautiful beach of Leros island is Vromolithos, whereas the most organized beaches are Alinta and Xirokampos. If you are interested in scuba diving, in Agios Isidoros you can explore the submerged ruins of an ancient settlement, whereas in and around the Lakki cove you will find numerous WWII shipwrecks, as well as an underwater habitat of immense ecological importance.

Leros maintains its traditional character, distancing itself from the mainstream touristic waves but at the same time offering its alternative, welcoming beauty to those who seek to experience the tranquility of an island that seems hidden from the modern world.

There is frequent ferry and high-speed boat connection between Kos and Leros Island throughout the summer, as well as private cruises and island hopping excursions with luxurious private yachts and sailing boats. For additional information and arrangements for an island hopping cruise to Leros, don’t hesitate to address the Diamond Deluxe Resort’s concierge. For more on the luxurious accommodation at the exquisite Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel go to