Summer 2017: The Diamond Deluxe Hotel Must-Live Experiences!

Summer 2017 is on our doorstep, and everyone is excited in anticipation! This summer is going to be legendary, and even more to that if you spend your summer 2017 holidays in the gorgeous island of Kos, Greece and the exquisite Diamond Deluxe Resort, on the beach of Lambi!

As we are eagerly counting down the days for the summer, let’s create a bucket list for the Diamond Deluxe Hotel Must- Live Experiences!
  • Kick the winter blues away! Relax in the sun! Find the spot you like, immerse in your comfortable lounger and take in all the sunlight you can. To refresh, dip in the pool and repeat!
  • Explore the most cosmopolitan beach on the island! The lacy sands of Lambi beach are right at your feet, and the crystalline waters are inviting you to a day at the sea! Water sports are a bonus!
  • Discover your favorite cocktail! Try every cocktail on the menu of the Marquise Lobby bar; start from the ones you love; move on to the ones you’ve never tried before; when done, try creating your own signature drink! Don’t leave before you know which cocktail is the best!
  • Then, discover your favorite taste! Once you’ve settled the cocktail debate, why not do the same for the mouth-watering dishes of the Diamond Deluxe Hotel’s restaurants? Taste the Mediterranean in the Peruzzi a la carte restaurant and face the challenge! It’s hard to pick a favorite when everything is perfect!
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  • Treat yourself to a spa day! The exquisite Mazarin Health Club and Spa offers such an extensive selection of pampering treatments that you will feel like a brand new you! Relax, refresh and rejoice in the capable hands of our experts and meet your renewed self for the 2017 summer!
Are you excited yet? Then, treat yourself with the most exciting gift for the 2017 summer and make all the Kos Diamond Deluxe Must-Live experiences come true! It’s easy! Just book online at and prepare for the most thrilling summer holiday, at the superlative Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort!