Easter Celebrations in Kos

The spring has sprung in the island of Kos and the preparations for the Easter holidays have begun. Prepare to delve into the island’s traditions and holiday rituals of the Dodecanese while renewing your spirit in the island’s reviving vibes.


During the Holly week, the medieval essence of Kos is infused with traces of frankincense from the churches and of blooming flowers from the sprawling, manicured grounds. Children collect door keys, tie them with a rope and sprinkle with gunpowder while others cut long strips of paper, add the gunpowder and a wick, roll them into cones and set on fire when “Christos Anesti” is announced.

While children take care of all the noisy details, housewives prepare all the specialties for the Easter feast. Beginning with the dying of the eggs on Holy Thursday, the avgoules bread that are later hung on the walls, the lamb pies, locally known as “lampropites” and the stuffed goat or lamb.


On Holy Friday the picturesque streets of Kos are illuminated by the “lampades” candles held by the pilgrims following the procession of the epitaph. The scenery is breathtaking, mystical, inspiring, only surpassed by the floodlit sky on the night of the Resurrection.

Easter is the time to revive your inner self, to renew your faith in all that is divine, to revitalize your senses and contemplate life in all of its majesty… time to pamper your soul.

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Prepare for a spiritual awakening in the land of Asclepius and hop your way to a… Happy Easter in Kos!