Discover Kos Island on a yacht cruise!

By far the best way to truly get to know an island is to sail around it! There is something magnificent in admiring the island’s coasts up close, and getting to see every single detail, even those you wouldn’t get to see from ashore. Remote beaches, coves hidden at the base of steep rocky cliffs, reefs swarming with fish and the occasional dolphins or sea-turtles are just a dive away for you to enjoy! So let’s see how you can discover Kos Island on a yacht cruise.

Kos is an island with endless miles of coastal beauty, and you can easily explore it all by sailing on a luxurious yacht cruise. Starting from the Kos Marina or the old port of Kos, you can embark on an insular adventure, a cruise that will guide you all around Kos in comfort, style and many on board extras such as diving and fishing gear or lavish meals – should you so request. Begin your sea-trek to discover Kos Island on a yacht cruise and admire the view from the sea of every beach of Kos; the sandy Tigkaki, the gorgeous dunes of Mastichari, the picture-perfect Agios Stefanos and the tiny Kastri islet, Faros with its quaint lighthouse and ancient ruins, the harsh cliffs and the natural springs of There and so many more. Don’t forget to look for turtles at Chelona bay and for the bubbling waters at the coast of Kefalos and also, be on the lookout for your most favourite beach of Kos!

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