Hercules, Medicine and Kos Island

Kos is an island rooted deep in its past, home of many notable people, significant mythological characters and historical figures. But what is the connection between Hercules, medicine and the island of Kos? The answer is simple…Hippocrates!

Tracing his ancestry back to centuries, Hippocrates is found to be a late descendant of Hercules and Asclepius. A bold blend from the veins of the divine Hero and the God of Medicine could only produce a great father figure, also known as the father of medicine.

Born in 460 BC, Hippocrates is considered by many the founder of medicine, the most exceptional doctor of his time and an exemplary representative of the Medical School of Kos.

It is no wonder then how all graduating doctors from around the world must take the Hippocratic Oath in order to practice medicine. This is what the oath says:


During the period of Hippocrates, the intellectual school of Medicine in Kos has managed to revolutionize medicine in ancient Greece, separating it from the fields of theology and philosophy as an entirely different profession.

It is worth visiting the Hippocrates Plane Tree, the Healing Center of Asklipeion and the temple of Hercules while visiting the island of Kos and you will definitely get an intense feeling of revival.

(Source: Pinterest, Barada George)

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