5 Steps to Summer Happiness: The Diamond Deluxe Hotel Guide

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Summer is relaxation; it is the blissful sensation of your toes dipping in soft sands and crystalline waters; summer is leaving all else behind and experiencing the new, the lush, the sensual…

There are some places around the world that are the epitome of this summer happiness. The Greek isles are probably one of the most popular destinations that have come to be almost synonymous to the concept, and Kos and the Diamond Deluxe Hotel on the cosmopolitan beach of Lambi lead the way to just that: summer happiness! Let’s take a look at the 5 steps to summer happiness: the Diamond Hotel guide!

Step 1: Sleep! Let go of every care and relish in a good night’s sleep in the exquisite rooms and Suites of the Kos Diamond Deluxe and experience what it feels like to wake up all fresh and rejuvenated!

Step 2: Relax! Take a deep breath and take in the lavish details of the facilities; the elegant art work, the gold details, the glorious sea views. Then, pamper yourself with the indulging treatments of the Mazarin Health Club and Spa and immerse into a Zen state of relaxation.

Step 3: Dine! No experience is complete without an impeccable meal. The tantalizing tastes and the flavours of the Mediterranean are the true essence of summer happiness!

Step 4: Swim! The golden sands of Lambi beach and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean invite you to experience the utter sensation of the Greek summer. The lavish Cushion beach bar of the Kos Diamond Deluxe will make your beach-goer’s experience even more comfortable with lush sunbeds and umbrellas, delicious snacks and refreshing cocktails.

Step 5: Enjoy! Here you will have the time of your life. Sit back and enjoy the summer delights of Kos and the exquisite five-star Diamond Deluxe Resort. For reservations click and get one step closer to Summer Happiness!