Summer 2017 Holiday Trends and the Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos

As the New Year settles in and summer gets closer by the day, the new holiday 2017 trends are formed; and what 2017 has in stock for us seems pretty exciting! Let’s review how the summer 2017 holiday trends and the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel in Kos correlate!

One of the leading trends in travel this year seems to be “simplified luxury”, or “less is more”. The redefinition of luxury focuses on the feeling of relaxation and utter gratification, in contrast to the formality of the luxurious style of the past, expressed by high quality elements that aim at comfort and smartness. In the Kos Diamond Deluxe, ample spaces with a minimalistic elegance, inviting beds, lush linen and exquisite objets-d’art as well as impeccable services are the new interpretation of contemporary – chic.
Gastronomic destinations are also trendy – as in a hotel that offers innovative food, fresh, organic and if possible, grown in-house. In this case, the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel is also in vogue, as in its superb restaurants local, organic and utterly fresh ingredients are the norm, homemade jams and preserves and freshly baked pastries are the highlight of our breakfast buffet, and the extra virgin olive oil comes from our privately owned organic olive-grove and is pressed at a traditional cold-press.

Finally, another summer 2017 holiday trend that frequently popped up was visiting a European island, but that of course is self-explanatory! On the edge of Europe, on a thin stretch of sea separating Europe and Asia, the gorgeous island of Kos with the exotic climate and endless sandy beaches should be on top of every keen traveller’s bucket list, along with the resplendent accommodation of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Resort.
Enjoy the pampering comfort of a hotel designed to indulge; taste the true essence of Kos and the Mediterranean and embark on a holiday sensation on an island blessed by the sea and the sun; after all it’s the new holiday trend! For the Kos Diamond Deluxe experience visit
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