Kos in Spring – The Best Season to Discover Kos Island

Kos in Spring

Kos in Spring
Spring is the most magical time of the year; everything seems brighter, more fragrant, and fresher somehow. That’s when a place is at its tip-top shape, proud of its newfound self and surrounded by an aestival sensation of renewal, eagerness and rejuvenating energy.

Kos in spring is simply delightful; the island is characterized by a moderate Mediterranean climate, meaning that after a mild winter, a mighty spring full of blooming flowers, wildlife and verdant countryside arrives. The sun is shining brighter and the days are getting longer; that is definitely the best season to discover Kos Island!

Explore each and every beach of Kos; the water temperature will be just perfect for your first dips and the noisy crowds of the summer will not have arrived just yet, leaving you at peace to enjoy the seashore beauties of the island. Sightseeing in Kos is better in spring too, walking amongst the ancient ruins of the main town of Kos or exploring sites such as the Neratzia Castle, the Asklipeion, Casa Romana and the Roman Odeon are much more easily passable without the scorching summer heat or the constant buzz of large tourist groups.

Other sites that are only elevated by the beauty of their surrounding nature are the beach of Agios Stefanos at Kefalos, with the monumental ruins of two ancient basilicas and the iconic islet of Kastri dominating the cove; the medieval castle of Antimacheia and the fortress of Old Pyli, just to name a few. Natural fauna sanctuaries of Kos such as the forest of Plaka, the Tigkaki Salinas, Dikaios Mountain and the wetlands of Psalidi will be brimming with life in spring, making it ideal for you to explore the wildlife of the island!

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