Discover villages of Kos

The island of Kos is a beautiful island in the Dodecanese perfect for family vacations, romantic interludes, adventurous excursions and alternative travels featuring a wide range of attractions, sites and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Travelers are welcome to indulge in the purity of nature, explore the island’s wonders and set off to discover the top 5 villages of Kos.

1. Zia 

Zia is set at the base of Mount Dikaios, the highest mountain of Kos and it is the perfect place for visiting couples as it offers the most majestic views to the island as well as the breathtaking sunset. Still reserving its authenticity the island of Zia welcomes guests to fully unwind, relax in nature, walk in the woods and drink from the natural springs.

2. Pyli

Pyli is located in the heart of Kos Island and it is famous for the “Pylis House”, a small museum housing artifacts from 70-80 years ago. The Pylis House is a charming stone house that will definitely capture the heart of all guests.


Kefalos is a modern village that has managed to maintain its authentic character as the first capital of Kos. Visitors are welcome to follow the narrow alleys amidst the beautiful traditional houses standing side to side and discover the many remains and ancient temples nearby.


Kardamena has managed to become one of the most famous tourist resorts in Kos Island. The church of Agia Barbara and of the Virgin as well as the sanctuary of Apollo and Hercules are only some of the sites one must visit while in Kardamena, a village also offering many watersport facilities for sports lovers.

5. Tigaki

Tigaki is known for its 10 km long beach with the white sand. It is ideal not only for families and sea lovers but also for eco-travelers as it stands amidst the majesty of nature.

With so many choices of leisure and entertainment the island of Kos is certainly worth the visit.

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