Diamond Hotel Gastronomy – Local and Organic Products

Good food means as much to the people of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel as providing exquisite accommodation; that is why the restaurants of the Kos Diamond Deluxe constantly praise the local gastronomy with mouthwatering, innovative dishes and with the use of local, organic and chemical free products.

On the gorgeous island of Kos and the kitchen of the sublime Diamond Deluxe Hotel, something wonderful is happening; hearty creations, inspired by the rich local cuisine and the most indicative tastes of the Mediterranean and with choice ingredients of the highest quality, local and organic, shape the island’s gastronomy. Fresh and organic produce, handpicked daily from selected local farmers, the catch of the day as brought by the fishermen themselves in the close-by marina, the finest meat and organic, virgin olive oil from our private grove; this is the ground where the Diamond Hotel Gastronomy is built.

From breakfast to dinner in the Kos Diamond Deluxe restaurants you can be sure that you are in for a gastronomic treat, but also for the homely care that goes into everything we do. Our breakfast jams and marmalades are made in house with traditional recipes, whereas our baked goods such as our cakes, pastries and breads are also made fresh. At the same time, our recipes are based on traditional Greek dishes and the most renowned tastes of the Mediterranean, homage to cuisines that have shaped the gastronomy of the entire world. Merged with the pioneering concepts of our chefs, the end result can only be delicious.
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Explore the Diamond Hotel Gastronomy in the Emerald restaurant and the acclaimed Peruzzi A la Carte Mediterranean restaurant and indulge in a world of delight and utter gratification, where local and organic products are at the base of what can only be characterized as a journey for your palate, a gastronomic experience that will have you asking for seconds! For more, go to