Upgrading Diamond Deluxe Hotel for Summer 2017

With the 2017 summer just a breath away, we are excited and inspired to do more, to offer more and to be the best we can. The main goal of all the people of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel is to push the envelope in order to offer upgraded services in an elegant environment of heightened levels of luxury. To that extent, we have spent the entire off-season upgrading the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel for summer 2017, and the results are bound to be spectacular!

Starting from our accommodation, a breath of fresh air has revived our opulent rooms, with refreshing details that truly bring out the ample glamour of our rooms and suites. Always with the highest standards in mind, the Kos Diamond Deluxe accommodation is a lavish retreat, perfect for the demanding modern day traveller.

Our restaurants could not be left out of the upgrading process of course; revisiting and rethinking all our tastes and all our methods refreshed the culinary experience of the Diamond Deluxe Hotel, making sure that everything that touches your palate will be the au courant facet of the local gastronomy.

Moreover, as your wellness is at the top of our objectives, the sublime Mazarin Luxury Health Club and Spa is on a constant search for the newest treatments and the avant-garde of beauty, harmony and style. Concomitant to this upgrading procedure of the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel are its devoted people, who thrive in the effort to raise the bar when it comes to VIP treatment and utmost gratification.

That is what makes the five – star Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel stand out and reach the top of luxurious accommodation and escapist, hedonistic travel destinations. Our constant effort to better ourselves, to offer the best, the finest and the most extravagant. Explore the upgraded Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel at
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