The Top-5 Historical Sites of Kos Island

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For the history buffs, Kos is an island with a rich ancient heritage and an abundance of archaeological sites that present significant interest. The birthplace of Hippocrates, the favorite holiday destination of Cleopatra and the centre of holistic treatments of Ancient Greece for almost a thousand years, Kos has plenty to show to those who love to explore the past. The top-5 sites of Kos Island that history aficionados and archaeology admirers should look for are:
  • The Asklipeion:  the most famous archaeological site of Kos, the Asklipeion is a sanctuary dedicated to Asklipeios, the father of modern medicine. Asklipeion was a temple, a venue for festivals and celebrations and a patient treatment-facility. It stand on the slopes of the hill overlooking the town of Kos and apart from it being a monument of Kos’ ancient history, it also offers breath-taking panoramic views to the town of Kos.
  • The Plane tree of Hippocrates: right behind the Neratzia castle on the port of Kos, an ancient plane-tree stands; according to tradition, that is the very tree where Hippocrates taught his students the principals of medicine.
  • The Roman Odeon: a true masterpiece of architecture, this amphitheater was used both for theatre plays and music contests as well as for the Senate’s meetings. Nowadays, some cultural events are hosted in its grounds.
  • Casa Romana: a restored, opulent Roman mansion known as Casa Romana is a perfect example of Hellenistic architecture, and a beautiful remnant of the prosperous Roman times of the island.
  • The ancient Agora: the ruins of the Agora – the marketplace – of the ancient town of Kos, surrounded by its fortification, is the is an archaeological site that includes the temple of Aphrodite, the temple of Hercules, a paleochristian basilica and the remains of the Harbor Portico.

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