To do or to see; that’s the Question!

Kos is a dreamy island of the Dodecanese combining its exotic beauty with the charm of a bygone era. Prepare to walk the paths of the Knights and lose yourself in the alluring ambiance of its magnificence.
Traveling to the depths of the 3rd century BC, get ready to feel the energy of ancient medicine and primeval practices at the Asklepieion, a sanctuary originally build in honor of Hippocrates.

Follow the footsteps of the father of Medicine, find your peace under the Hippocrates plane tree in the heart of Kos and trace the footprints of the Knights into the Castle of Kos, also known as Nerantzia and the Antimachia Venetian Castle to the south of the island.

If you are a culture fanatic, visit the Roman Odeon that will surely take your breath away. Stand onto the stage and relieve moments of thrill from the 2nd century BC, when prisoners were brought there to fight in front of the crowds.

After a day of sightseeing, visit the picturesque and mountainous village of Zia to savor moments of pure relaxation before you head for a night out in the vibrant town of Kos at one of the beautiful cafes and restaurants. As the time passes by, the town is transformed into a lively night time scene, perfect for those wishing to enjoy a drink and a swing.

For sea lovers and water sports enthusiasts, the beaches of Kefalos, Marmari and Tigaki offer the perfect choice for a day in the sun.

With so many choices to do or to see, the island of Kos is definitely a top destination to create incomparable holiday memories.

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