Keep it tasty! The Diamond Deluxe Restaurants for Summer 2017

As we begin counting down the days till summer 2017, our palate is tingling with anticipation for the superb dining experience that awaits us at the Kos Diamond Deluxe Restaurants! Just like every year, we begin the holiday season refreshed, with our focus on providing immaculate services and unforgettable, mouthwatering tastes to our distinguished guests! We will surely keep it tasty! The Diamond Deluxe Restaurants for summer 2017 are opening soon!

What is in store for you when you dine at the Diamond Deluxe restaurants? The Peruzzi is an a la carte Mediterranean Seafood restaurant that will take your breath away the minute you step foot into its meticulously designed space. Breath-taking views to the Aegean and the opposite coast of Turkey greet you to an exquisite experience of refined, innovative tastes inspired by Kos, Greece and the Mediterranean region, created by our inspired and passionate chefs. The elegant atmosphere of the Peruzzi, its candlelit, aristocratic ambiance and the opulent décor give an idyllic sense of romance to the venue, making it perfect for indulging dinners for two.
The Emerald restaurant offers an amazing selection of Greek and international dishes that will impress even the hardest to please visitors, both with the freshness and high quality of the ingredients, as well as the great care and love being put in their preparation and presentation.

It is the Diamond Deluxe Hotel’s main aim to present dishes made with only the finest, organic and chemical-free ingredients, from local farms when possible and from selected vendors from all around Greece. Meat is always local fresh, and fish is freshly caught in the seas around Kos, whereas the extra virgin olive oil used in our kitchen is cold-pressed and produced in a Diamond Hotel owned organic grove. The perfect quality of our ingredients and their meticulous preparation is our assurance that the Diamond Deluxe restaurants will keep it tasty for yet another summer, summer 2017! For more:
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