Ride your Way into the Holidays

The island of Kos has developed a wonderful cycling infrastructure allowing both locals and visitors to discover and explore the island on a bike. There are special bike lanes that go all the way from the shore to the most mountainous areas inviting adventures to use their bike as a mean of transportation or recreation.

There are 35 stores from which you can rent a bike while on the island and the Municipality of Kos offers all information and routes for your travels including a ride to Kefalos, Piso Therma, Marmari and the mountainous regions.
The island’s cycling route begins from Faros beach and extends all the way to the beach of Psalidi, a total distance of approximately 13 km. Some of the side streets lead straight to the heart of Kos allowing locals to use their bike for their daily activities, to go to work, to the beach or to the several cafes and restaurants found downtown.

For nature lovers there are several routes through dirt roads that lead to the mountainous regions of Kos giving them the opportunity to delve into the island’s nature, enjoy the panoramic views and discover remote beaches where they can swim in privacy.

Other routes include that from Lampi to Agios Fokas, a distance of 11 km going through the coast, the harbor, Psalidi and the center of Kos, the historical attractions, the cafes, restaurants and bars.
Kos is rightfully regarded the cycling island as it offers all that is required for the most unforgettable cycling holidays.

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