Immerse in the Nature of Kos

Kos is a marvelous island of the Dodecanese island complex known for its beautiful beaches, its laid back lifestyle, its classical antiquities, its vibrant night life and amazing landscapes. So, either you are an adventurer or nature admirer, Kos is definitely the place to be.
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Kos Natural Park of Zia allows visitors to connect with nature, breathe in the fresh air and become acquainted with the wild animals and plants of the area. Standing proud in the shadow of mountain Dikaios the park offers the ultimate holiday experience.

The park is ideal for couples who wish to enjoy a romantic walk through the pristine nature and marvel the awe-inspiring sunset and breathtaking views to the island of Kos, for families with children that wish to spend some quality time together while enjoying a picnic, playing at the playground and feeding the animals or a group of friends who are eager to embark on a hiking adventure in the woods.

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Kos is an island respecting its natural resources and earthly treasures, a destination preferred by nature travelers, experiential travelers and explorers.

So, if you fall in the aforementioned categories, the island of Kos and Diamond Deluxe Hotel are a clear choice for you.

Despite the fact that Diamond Deluxe Hotel goes above and beyond to cater to your every need, it only does so with respect to the environment, always in line with its green philosophy.

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Prepare for a journey to the island of Kos where you are about to discover the divine blend of 5 star luxury, water, earth, air and fire.

Enjoy your stay at this luxury hotel in Kos Island, let your senses travel to the abyss of the Mazarin Spa, relish an assortment of gourmet inspirations and let nature do its magic!