Easter in Kos – Churches to look for

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If there is a time when all the churches on the island gather the most visitors and pilgrims, then that time is definitely Easter, and Kos has some interesting churches from different historic periods that are worth visiting. Some are early-Christian or medieval, others are characterized by their impressive architecture, whereas the Templar Knights of Saint John left some impressive chapels and temples behind them as well. Here are the churches to look for when in Kos, especially when you’re spending Easter in Kos.
  • The church of Agia Paraskevi, in the centre of Kos town is one of the largest churches on the island. Its distinctive blue domes and imposing bell tower stand out, whereas the church’s rich interior is quite intriguing.
  • The church of Candlemass, in the ruins of Palio Pyli, also known as Panagia ton Kastrianon (Mother Mary of the Castellans) is an 11th century church located in a breath-taking natural setting. The 14th century murals, the intricate wooden temple and the marble altar standing on ancient columns taken from an ancient Greek temple of Demeter are quite impressive.
  • The ruins of the two basilicas at the beach of Agios Stefanos at Kefalos. Dating back to the 5th or 6th century, these churches are of immense historical significance. Their charming seaside location is an attraction on its own and it is considered one of the most photographed spots on Kos Island.
  • The Agnus Dei chapel (Lamb of God) was once the Latin church of the island, attended to by the Franciscan fathers of the Custody of the Holy Land at the Archdiocese in Rhodes Island. Its medieval rustic ambiance makes it one of the most intriguing religious sites of Kos.
  • The church of Asomaton in Asfendiou is a typical example of an old, traditional Greek church, intricately decorated with icons, murals, and a hand carved wooden temple as well as with an imposing bell tower on its side.

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