Kos in May – The Perfect Early-Summer Destination!

For many, May is the perfect time of year for an early-summer vacation, and we are talking about the summer, one place instantly pops to mind! The Greek Isles is the summery destination dreams are made of, and Kos in May is beautiful, the perfect early summer destination!

Temperatures in Kos in May are moderate, with an average of 24˚C (75˚F) at daytime and a whopping 14 hours of daylight, 11 of which are of sunlight. Rainfall and cloud coverage are minimal, whereas the sea temperature gradually begins to rise, with the temperatures in May usually being around 19˚C (66˚F).

May is the perfect time to enjoy the beast of two seasons – spring at its peak and the preface of summer; it is not too hot for those who can’t stand the scorching heat of the deep summer, yet is comfortable enough for aestival activities, such as hiking, sunbathing, swimming, sailing, watersports and even island hopping. As the holiday season is still at its start, the island is not overly crowded with tourists, yet all the hospitality facilities are ready to welcome visitors and guests.

The nature of Kos is delightful in May as well; the blossoming flowers, the lulling buzz of nature’s first life, and the refreshing atmosphere are the ideal setting for sightseeing and exploring. As most historical sites of Kos are outdoors, e.g. the Asklipeion, Casa Romana, the Roman Odeon, Neratzia Castle, Agios Stefanos and so many more, the moderate weather and the limited crowds make visiting these sites all the more comfortable and pleasing.

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