Greece – the Perfect Summer Holiday Destination

When you think of summer holiday destinations, one country pops to mind that simply has it all – Greece! Anything you could dream of for your escape in the sun, you can find it here; from an endless stretch of silky sands, countless exotic beaches and crystal clear waters to impeccable accommodation venues, professional services and a rich, colorful culture you’ll fall in love with!

Greece is the southeastern frontier of Europe; side by side with both Asia and Africa, influences from all three continents are evident in every step you take! This pastiche of a country combines everything in a potpourri of civilizations, of history and culture, with a proud soul and ‘kefi’, a purely Greek word that means the joy of life. The numerous civilizations that passed through Greece left their mark in the architecture, the language, the customs and the traditions; they left behind an abundance of historical sites that make sightseeing around Greece a literal journey into time!
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Those who chose Greece for their holiday will get to enjoy long- lasting, almost tropical summers. In most of Greece the summer begins in late April or the first weeks of May, with continuous, long sunny days and it lasts as late as October, whereas in the southern parts of Greece such as Crete and the Dodecanese Islands summers stretch out till November.  The beaches are the main highlight of the Greek summer, perfectly organized with modern facilities, water-sports centers, beach bars and refreshing cool waters to balance out the heat and the sun. In fact, the multitude of beaches and their varying degrees of facilities and organization ensure that even the pickiest beachgoers will find a beach that is just the way they like it!

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