Kos Island is for All Holiday Types

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Imagine a diverse group of friends trying to choose a holiday destination to fit all their wants and needs; we’ve all been there. As hard as it may seem to pinpoint a place to please them all, there are some locations that can easily gratify the expectations of even the pickiest traveller, places that combine the most attractive traits for vacationers. Kos is one of such destinations; Kos is perfect for all holiday types!

Starting from the obvious, Kos Island is a paradise for beach-lovers and those eager for endless hours of lounging comfortably in the sun, in exotic sandy beaches next to the cool splashing of the sea. Long stretches of silky sands and crystalline waters are the highlight of the coastline of Kos, where you will find beaches for every taste; from the most organized, filled with modern facilities, beach bars and water-sports centers to natural, unspoiled bays of immense charm.

The town of Kos has much more to offer to its visitors. From a vibrant nightlife in numerous nightclubs, bars and pubs that cater to all music and entertainment affinities to music concerts, festivals and colorful events, summers in Kos are everything but boring! In addition to a rich cultural scene, the gastronomy on this island is equally appealing; from traditional Greek tastes found in village taverns and quaint eateries to international cuisine from every corner of the world, your palate is in for a treat! And there is more! A rich history that dates back to antiquity has bequeathed a vast treasure to Kos, a heritage that makes sightseeing a pleasure, an adventure into time itself.

No matter what your holiday type is, if you love sightseeing, if you seek luxury and style, pampering spa treatments or relaxing days at the beach, Kos and the Kos Diamond Deluxe Hotel is the ideal destination for all holiday types! A lavish private beach, an indulging Spa, tantalizing restaurants and bars combine the true essence of Kos, an authentic experience of the island at its best location, the cosmopolitan Lambi beach!

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