The best views in Kos Island

Some of the finest, most memorable moments of a holiday are those of gorgeous images that will remain indelible in your memories and your heart forever. Such images are not common; you can find them in places with great views, and you can find them at special times during the day; the may be hard to find, but they are worth your trouble! Here are some of the places with the best views in Kos Island!

To begin with, you can enjoy a panoramic view to the entire Kos town, a view that may reach a far as the coast of the neighboring Asia Minor. In an environment of lush verdant vegetation and historical significance – the Asklipeion was the place where Hippocrates practiced taught medicine – you will admire breath-taking views, immersed in the deep energy of this powerful place.
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Another view that will undoubtedly capture your heart is the view from Agios Stefanos Beach, near the village of Kefalos. This beach is perhaps the most photographed place on the island and for good reason. The little islet with the scenic chapel dominates the cove, reshaping the horizon and adding a soul-soothing sensation. The pillars of two early-Christian basilicas emit an eerie feeling that is almost enchanting, a guarantee that this beach offers one of the best views on the island of Kos!

Another spot that boasts magnificent views is the castle of Palio Pyli. In the center of the island, this once bustling with life hilltop town dominated the entire island; now, you will find nothing but awe-inspiring tranquility amongst its ruins. The view from the top is certainly worth the climb!

Yet, there is just one more view you will definitely fall in love with! Imagine the a tranquil spot on a private beach; your favorite drink at hand, the sea spreading all the way to Asia and calmness of a summer evening… The beach is Lambi, and you can enjoy this seductive scenery from the comfort of your sun lounger, from your private balcony, even from your private garden with a swimming pool. You can enjoy the best view on the island of Kos from the most luxurious and inviting hotel, the Kos Diamond Deluxe! Explore the best view of Kos Island at